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Kurt Skelly

Kurt and Wanda were happily married in June of 1988. After Kurt completed his Bible college education, they relocated to Connecticut where they enjoyed several years of serving the Lord in a variety of ministry opportunities, including starting a Bible-believing church, teaching in a Christian school, and serving in a vibrant youth ministry.

In 1996, the growing Skelly family (three sons) moved to Western Pennsylvania where Kurt assumed his new role as the pastor of Harvest Baptist Church. That same year the Skelly family became complete with the addition of their fourth child (and first daughter!).

As the years pass and the inevitable changes come, they desire to exhibit God’s grace to their circles of influence, and to make His glory shine in their lives. Any failures are their own, and any successes belong to the Lord.


Special Guest

We look forward to another epic Summit with Pastor Skelly, especially as he brings another exciting second speaker with him to stir up our hearts.